Helpful Tools To Help Make Your Garden Summer Ready

Friday, 18th of June 2021


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An Easy To Follow Spring & Summer Gardening Planner - What To Do & When

Thursday, 22nd of April 2021

Now that the long, grey days of winter are finally over, it’s time to dust off your gardening tools and spruce up your wellies. With May just around the corner, the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, making it the perfect time to

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An Easy And Informative Guide To Garden Fencing

Tuesday, 23rd of February 2021

For many gardens, a fence is the go to choice for boundary marking. They are often simple to erect, low maintenance, affordable and when looked after will last for many many years. This simple guide will provide information about the different types of fencing

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A Simple Buyers Guide To Pressure Washers

Friday, 15th of January 2021

Pressure washers make light work of many outdoor cleaning jobs meaning no more scrubbing away at the built up dirt and grime from the winter months. Producing a powerful jet of directed water, they are great for cleaning a great variety of surfaces including

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Fantastic Christmas Gift Ideas For The Tool Addict In Your Life

Wednesday, 11th of November 2020

It can be challenging finding just the right gift for the DIY enthusiast, tradesman, gardener or budding mechanic, especially if you think they have enough tools already!  The one thing that we are sure they will appreciate more than anything is a new

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