From icy windshields to mounds of snow on the roads, it’s essential to have the right tools in your toolbox to keep your car in prime condition during the colder months. Here at SJTools, we offer a wide range of tools to help keep your motor running during the winter, including de-icers, ice scrapers, frost screens and snow shovels.


One of the first challenges faced by car owners on frosty mornings is dealing with frozen car doors and locks. There is nothing more frustrating than sitting in the cold and waiting for the ice to melt, so browse our range of De-icers for a convenient saviour in these situations! 

These de-icers contain a specialised formula that rapidly melts ice and frost, allowing easy access to your vehicle. SJTools offers a wide range of de-icers that are effective, quick and easy to use and won't harm your car's paint or finishes. We recommend Decosol Power De-Icer, which instantly dissolves ice from glass surfaces.

Frost Screens & Windshield Covers

Frost screens, also known as windshield protectors or covers, are an excellent way to save time and effort on frosty mornings. These covers are designed to fit over your car's windshield, preventing frost from forming overnight. These handy covers are easy to apply and quick to remove, simply remove the frost screen in the morning and enjoy a clear, ice-free windshield! 

We love the Streetwize Extra Large Universal Frost Screen. This screen protects your windscreen from snow and ice and can be easily fitted in seconds.

Ice Scrapers

Every car owner should have a trusty Ice Scraper in their glove compartment during the winter season. These handheld tools help you remove thick layers of ice from your windshield and windows, ensuring clear visibility before hitting the road. We offer a wide range of Ice Scrapers to help you tackle this frustrating chore whenever you need it most. 

For example, we recommend our Bluecol Premium Ice Scraper. This tool features an ergonomic, padded grip for extra comfort while handling and is perfect for removing thick ice and snow from your vehicle without risking any damage!

Snow Shovels

Dealing with heavy snowfall can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to clearing snow around your car or driveway so you can safely travel from your home. Snow Shovels are essential for removing snow from your vehicle's exterior, windows and the surrounding areas. 

Here at SJTools, we offer a range of snow shovels with strong, durable handles and wide blades, allowing you to efficiently remove snow without damaging your car's paintwork. These tools can be kept in your garage and workshop all year round.

For example, the JPR SSCA Large Deluxe Snow Scoop Handle is perfectly designed for shovelling snow quickly and safely. This heavy-duty tool is made from durable red plastic with a wooden shaft to allow for optimal performance.


Proper winter car care requires the right tools and equipment at your disposal. By investing in de-icers, ice scrapers, frost screens and snow shovels, you can make your winter journeys safer and more convenient. Visit SJTools now to explore our wide selection of winter car care tools and make driving in colder conditions safe and convenient. 

Post By Jasmin