2024 is officially here and whether you’re looking to add a fresh coat of paint to your living room, changing up a bedroom or need to redecorate any area in your home and office, in this blog we will be exploring one of the essential tools in the painter's toolkit – the paintbrush. 

Whether you are a professional painter, a DIY enthusiast, or just getting started with your renovations, here at SJTools, we offer a wide range of paintbrushes to help you get started with your painting and decorating journey.

Fine Tip Flat Brushes

Fine Tip Flat Brushes are a must-have for any DIY enthusiast looking to achieve precise and smooth paint application for your homes and offices. These brushes feature bristles that are tightly packed and cut at a flat angle, resulting in a fine and consistent line. 

Perfect for detailed work and intricate designs, these brushes are versatile and easy to use. Whether you're adding delicate details to a furniture piece or creating fine lines, our range of fine tip flat brushes are the go-to tool to achieve professional-looking results with ease. 

To stock up on these brushes, we recommend our Hamilton For The Trade Fine Tip Flat Brushes. This handy pack of three brushes feature a good paint pick-up and lay-off.

Roller Sets

Roller Sets are a staple in every painter's toolkit, offering a quick and efficient way to cover a variety of large surfaces with paint. These sets typically include a roller frame, a roller cover, and a tray, providing you with a complete solution for your painting needs.

For all of your painting essentials in one handy set, we love the Hamilton For The Trade Roller Set. This set has everything you need to get started on any project, no matter how big or small.

Masonry Brushes

With their stiff bristles and sturdy construction, Masonry Brushes are built to withstand the rough textures and unevenness of masonry surfaces. They effortlessly apply paint, stain or sealant, ensuring even coverage and allowing you to rejuvenate and protect your outdoor spaces with ease. 

Whether you're working on a brick wall, a concrete patio or a stone fireplace, having a reliable masonry brush by your side will help you achieve professional-looking results in no time. Here at SJTools, we offer a range of Masonry Brushes, such as the Silverline Masonry Brush which features hard wearing, medium stiff bristles for a smooth finish.

Long Reach Brushes

Long Reach Brushes are a game-changer when it comes to tackling those hard-to-reach areas. These brushes are specially designed with extended handles, allowing you to reach high ceilings, tight corners and other inaccessible spaces effortlessly. 
We recommend our Silverline Long Reach Radiator Paint Brush. This brush features an angled pure bristle head for all types of paint. With their ergonomic handles and lightweight design, these brushes provide excellent control and manoeuvrability, making even the most challenging tasks a breeze.


Whether you’re new to the world of decorating or a seasoned DIY expert, with our collection of brushes here at SJTools, you can paint like a professional in no time! 

Post By Jasmin