When it comes to safety at work, particularly in industries where visibility is a concern, having the right clothing can make all the difference. At SJTools, we understand the importance of staying safe and seen, which is why we offer a High-Visibility Clothing Range designed to ensure your safety while working or being out at night.

Why is high-visibility clothing important?

High-visibility clothing, often referred to as hi-vis, is designed with fluorescent and reflective materials. These materials enhance the visibility of the wearer, making them easily noticeable in challenging lighting conditions, such as poor weather, low light or at night. This increased visibility is crucial in preventing accidents, both in the workplace and on the road. 

In many industries, hi-vis clothing is required by law to meet safety regulations. Our clothing range is designed to meet industry standards and ensures compliance with these regulations. So whether you’re working on a busy main road, taking an evening stroll or need something to ensure you’re seen in a dimly lit area, high-vis clothing is essential to any wardrobe!

Hi-Vis Vests and Jackets

Our high-visibility vests and jackets feature fluorescent colours and reflective tape, which reflect light back towards its source, making you easily visible even from a distance. Available in a range of sizes, we offer a variety of bomber jackets, coats and waistcoats to help keep you seen and safe while at work.

We love the Scan Hi-Vis Motorway Jacket. This yellow jacket conforms to EN 471 Class 3 and also to EN 343 for protective clothing. Whether you are directing traffic, working on the roadside, or any other task that requires high visibility, this jacket offers the peace of mind and safety you need to focus on your job.


Keep your head dry and comfortable while being visibly seen with the Scan Hi-Vis Beanie Hat. This beanie hat features a high-visibility colour and reflective detailing that ensures you stand out even in dimly lit conditions, providing an added layer of safety.

Hi-vis Trousers and Coveralls

For those who need full-body visibility, our high-visibility trousers and coveralls are the ideal choice. These garments offer complete coverage while ensuring optimal visibility to ensure you stay seen. Whether you work in construction, road maintenance or any other industry at night or early morning, these trousers and coveralls will provide you with the safety and visibility you need.

For example, our Tough Grit Hi-Vis 2-Tone Joggers are designed to keep you safe and visible in any working environment, while providing the comfort and durability you need. With their high-visibility fluorescent yellow colour and reflective tape, these joggers ensure that you stand out, even in low light or poor weather conditions.


Ensuring your safety and visibility should never be compromised, especially when it comes to your work or nighttime activities. With SJTools and our high-visibility clothing range, you can stay safe and seen in any environment.

Post By Jasmin