Choosing the best knife for the job can be difficult but there are some knives which are perfect for large and small tasks around the home.

With an inexhaustible supply of knives available, it is easy to get confused as to what you might  need for various jobs. 

Depending on the complexity of the task, you might need a knife with a serrated edge, a utility knife or simply a multi-tool.  The purchase of a suitable knife is invaluable when tackling each job and having the right tool can make such a difference to the finished job. 

Sealey PK27 Multi-Tool & Twin Blade Knife Set 2pc 15 Function

Here at SJ Tools we love this high quality stainless steel multi-tool knife set from Sealey with its push button locking mechanism.

Featuring a range of multi-tool functions from a wire cutter, pliers and can opener to a fine edge blade it is suitable for many tasks around the house and supplied with a handy belt pouch.

Sealey AK8603 Retractable Utility Knife Quick Change Blade

Made from heavy-duty zinc alloy steel and supplied with five blades, this incredibly useful Sealey Retractable Utility Knife has a rubber grip for extra comfort and control and is a must have item in your tool kit.

With its quick change blade and endless amount of uses, the utility knife is ideal for thicker materials, making short work of cable casings and vinyl flooring.

The blade is razor sharp and gives you more control over your cut than a basic knife.

Sealey PK3 Pocket Knife Locking Large

Perfect for various leisure activities such as gardening, fishing and camping, this fine edge and serrated stainless steel blade will make short work of jobs that require a more high quality knife.  

This long life, hardened and tempered pocket knife has a positive lock to prevent blade folding in use and is ideal for professional use.

Sealey TST08 Valve Knife - Hooked

If it’s repairs to tyres you are after, then look no further than this valve knife from Sealey.

Featuring a strong wooden handle, this handy knife aids the removal of tyre valves. Designed to aid the removal of tyre valves and is perfect for trimming puncture repair plus.  Despite its simplicity it is a must have tool in your toolbox.

Sealey PK29 Pocket Knife Locking Twin-Blade

Another of our favourite knives is this Twin Blade Pocket Knife from Sealeys.

Featuring both utility and fine edge blades, this also features a quick change mechanism for easy blade fitting and removal and having just one knife in place of two is very handy when time is short.

So having a variety of knives in your tool box is the best way to cover each task, whether for speed and convenience or for a long job requiring a lot of patience, it is worthwhile reviewing the knife that you are using and ensuring that you have the best tool available.

Post By Lauren