With 2023 flying by, April is now here and this month is perfect for preparing your garden for all the frivolity of summer! Whether you’re a complete gardening novice or you’re a green-fingered expert, here at SJTools we stock a wide variety of tools and equipment to help you on your gardening journey. The UK weather is unpredictable at best, but with the sun poking out of the clouds and the evenings getting longer, April can be a fantastic time to plan and prepare your garden for the warmer months.

Watering Your Garden

Although April can bring in some spring showers, keeping your garden watered will ensure a healthy growth in time for summer, especially for any new shrubs you might be planting. If your hose pipe has seen better days, maybe it’s time to invest in a new one from SJTools.

For all of your watering needs, we recommend the Draper 25296 3 Pattern Aluminium Spray Gun. Featuring three different spray patterns, this gun is the perfect choice for gardening. 

If your garden isn’t big enough for a hosepipe or you prefer a more traditional way to keep your plants, flowers and vegetables hydrated, shop from our range of Watering Cans and Sprayers

Control Your Weeds

Looking to control your weeds? While this job might not be the most fun gardening task, it’s an essential part of gardening and can be done quickly and efficiently with the right tools.

Did you know that we sell a number of tools such as knives, forks and even burners that are specially designed for the removal of weeds? For example you could shop the Wilkinson Sword Weed Grubber. This hand weeder is ideal for levering weeds from the roots, particularly short rooted weeds such as daisies.

To keep your patios clear, try a Patio Weeder. These tools come in long or short handles and are ideal for pesky weeds, pebbles and stones that are in harder to reach areas. 

Planting New Seeds

Although a lot of planting can be done in cooler seasons, April is a great time to plant new and exciting vegetables such as cabbages, leeks, carrots and peas. 

To get your soil prepared for new seeds, shop our range of Dibbers. A dibber is a long, stick-like tool used to make holes for seeds and seedlings to make sure they're sufficiently buried in the soil without damage. The width of a dibber will vary and thinner dibbers are best suited to sowing seeds and cuttings, while planting small bulbs requires a thicker tool.

Helpful tip! “As the weather can be still a little on the cold side, protect any early outdoor sowings with horticultural fleece or polythene. Do this until you’re sure temperatures will stay above around 5-7°C at night.”


While gardening might be a daunting task, by investing in some durable tools and reading helpful guides, you can get your garden ready for summer with SJTools!

Post By Jasmin