The Christmas decorations are officially down and the mince pies have been polished off, which can only mean that a new year is here! If one of your New Year's Resolutions was to change up your home, SJTools has a wide variety of painting and decorating tools to help make this task a breeze!


Paint brushes are a versatile tool, and with so many to choose from, you might feel a little overwhelmed while browsing our selection. Choosing the right paint brush for a selected area of your home is vital for improving the speed and quality of completing a job, as the results do vary based on the type of brush you use.

For painting larger areas such as walls and ceilings, shop our range of high-quality Wall Brushes. While rollers are also a great option, these brushes feature a larger width, allowing you to paint freely while having a bit more control over where the paint goes. Having both a roller and a quality paintbrush in your tool kit is a great way to save time and energy while painting! 

If you’re looking for something smaller to help with painting designs or filling in edges, an angled brush might be helpful! Angled brushes are much better for cutting in or adding details, rather than trying to cut in with a flat brush. For example, the Lick Pro 1459533113 Angle Sash Eco Bamboo Handle Paint Brush is specially designed for extra precision and features a long handle for balance, flexibility and accuracy.

Ceiling Rollers

Looking to freshen up your ceilings? Invest in a quality ceiling roller!  We stock an extensive range of paint rollers, sleeves and refills from trusted suppliers such as Silverline, SupaDec and Lick Pro for quality you can trust. While smaller brushes are excellent for designing and painting tricky areas, there’s no denying that using a ceiling roller can make this tricky task much easier and quicker. 

If you already have plenty of sponges, upgrade your roller frame with the Silverline Roller Frame. This heavy-duty frame features a thick-gauge shaft and spokes for extra strength and durability.

Garden Preservers 

If you’re looking at getting your gardens, patios and outdoor spaces ready for spring and summer, why not upgrade your fences by adding a fresh lick of paint or stain? We stock a variety of garden preservers here at SJTools in a variety of natural colours to really make your garden stand out! 

If you want to help protect your garden from the elements, you might want to consider investing in a wood preserver. Wood preservers help to prevent fungal decay and blue stain as well as protect the wood from attack by wood boring insects, meaning your furniture stays stronger for longer!


Whether you’re simply adding some fresh paint to the living room or you’re redesigning your entire home, we have everything you need here at SJTools to make painting and redecorating quick and easy! Remember, shop now and receive Free UK mainland delivery on orders over £100! 

Post By Jasmin