For many of us, our gardens and outside spaces have been a peaceful haven to escape the chaos and uncertainty of the past year. Now it’s time to repay the favour! As the weather gets warmer, your flowers, plants and trees might need some TLC.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an expert gardener, here at SJ Tools, we’ve come up with a list of five helpful tools which will help you and your garden flourish this summer.


Secateurs are an essential tool for any garden, no matter how big or small. A good set of secateurs can help you with a number of chores, from trimming and shaping plants, cutting through thorny vines, removing dead, overgrowing or damaged foliage and you can even use them to harvest vegetables.

Whether you need something small for intricate pruning or something more heavy-duty, you can find everything you need at SJTools. From Non-Slip Pruning Shears to Precision Curved Pruning Shears, there is a huge range of secateurs to choose from to suit all gardening needs.


If you prefer to plant your flowers and vegetables such as carrots, cauliflowers, radishes and onions later in the summer, you’ll need a staple hand trowel. Trowels are excellent for planting and transporting, removing weeds or potting your flowers and vegetables.

Hand trowels are essential for any gardener, and at SJTools, there is a wide variety of trowels to choose from. If your little ones are starting their gardening adventure, there is the Young Gardener Hand Trowel, or if you need something stronger, Carbon Steel Heavy Duty trowels will do the trick!

Gardening Gloves

It’s important to look after your hands this summer when you’re out gardening. Not only could you get scratched by thorny plants and flowers, but gardening gloves also protect your hands from stings from bees and wasps and help keep out dirt and mud from any scratches or open wounds you might have.

Whether you prefer Strong Leather or want to get the kids involved with Junior Garden Gloves, keep those digits protected in the summer months and take care of your hands with our extensive range of garden gloves.

Watering Can

While you might think you can get away with watering your garden with a bucket or plastic water bottle, investing in a trusty watering can help you and your plants, as they make it easier to water more awkward plants, hanging baskets, potted plants, vegetables and more with accuracy. They can also be used to rinse a patio or garden seating and are easier to lift to reach tough spots.

If you’re still looking for the perfect watering can, SJTools have something for every garden and outside space. From traditional green to a sturdier Galvanised Watering Can, these handy tools will help keep your thirsty plants and flowers hydrated even on the warmest summer afternoons.

Gardening Carts & Wheel Barrows

Get from A to B with comfort, ease and style with a handy Gardening Cart. Gardening carts are a fantastic way to transport heavier gardening tools while on the move, and also doubles up as a comfortable seat to perch on when you need a five-minute rest.

There are a number of carts and wheelbarrows to choose from at SJTools. From folding carts, mesh carts, sturdy wheelbarrows and carts with a seat. These carts and wheelbarrows will do all of the heavy lifting for you, making gardening easier and less of a strain on your muscles and they are brilliant for storing and transporting tools and other equipment.


No matter the weather this summer, make your garden your safe haven and invest in some high-quality tools to help keep it looking healthy all year long! Enjoy a sizzling BBQ with friends, spend some cherished time with the children or even just laze outside with a good book… If you look after your garden, your garden will look after you!


Post By Jasmin