Spring cleaning isn’t just applicable to your homes… Make sure your vehicles are fresh as a daisy with SJTools! We stock a wide variety of cleaning products and tools from specially manufactured car shampoo to rechargeable pressure washers to help keep your cars interiors and exteriors squeaky clean. Not sure where to start? We’ve created a list of five essential tools and items you’ll need to help you maintain your car's interior and exterior.


It might seem obvious, but one of the handiest tools you need in any garage or workshop is the humble bucket! If you don’t have access to an outside tap, a bucket is a great substitute. All you need is a cloth, sponge or wet rag and you’re good to go!

Whether you want something cheap and cheerful, or you need something sturdier like the Draper 53241 Galvanised Steel Bucket, these durable buckets feature handles for easier transportation and can be filled with water, cleaning products and other liquids.

Car Shampoo 

Once you’ve got your bucket, you’ll need a high-quality car shampoo to help get out any scuffs or marks. Our extensive range of shampoos and detergents gently and quickly removes dirt, grease and grime from your vehicles without impacting the paintwork and can provide further protection on future journeys. We also stock wheel cleaner and car shampoos with wax for a thorough clean and includes a rinse aid to assist with the final stage of cleaning.

Pressure Washers

If you’re serious about keeping your beloved vehicles clean, you might want to invest in a pressure washer. These tools will help keep your motors seriously clean! Pressure washers work by blasting surfaces with a high-pressure jet of water and are not only fantastic to use with cars, but are a versatile tool and are a great way of removing grime from patios, decking, cars, caravans and garden furniture. However, it’s important to use them correctly, though, as the jet stream is strong enough to damage car paintwork or delicate wood grain in decking.

If you’re looking for a smart purchase, shop the Sealey PW2012R Rechargeable Pressure Washer. This handy tool is completely rechargeable, lightweight, portable and can hold up to 25L of water!


If you have little ones, you know the importance of having a hoover to clear up crumbs from snack time! Keep messy hands from ruining your car’s interior with a vehicle vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners are great for hard-to-reach areas in your cars and are great for underneath the seats as well!

If you’re looking to upgrade your vacuums, shop the handy Draper 06955 Mini Cleaning Kit for WDV10. This set features several heads to ensure you can clean up all of those intricate areas!

Buffing & Polishing

Once you’ve cleared away the pressure washers and hoovers, it’s time to really make your car gleam! Buff and polish like a professional with our wide range of foam buffing heads, polishing cloths and cones.

For the perfect finishing touch, make sure you give your car exterior and interior a quick wipe down with a microfibre cloth. These cloths can be used wet or dry and are great for picking up dirt, dust and even bacteria.


We know that cleaning your car can be a daunting task, but with these helpful tools and tips, you can maintain your car's appearance and keeping it tidy will be easier, quicker and cheaper with SJTools!

Post By Jasmin