The Christmas decorations are back in storage and the chaos has turned to calm… It’s January and the start of a new year, which means it’s the perfect time to start your spring cleaning! Whether you have a room that needs a fresh coat of paint or your garden needs sprucing up to prepare it for spring. Whatever the reason, let SJTools make it easy for you!

Painting & Decorating

You don’t have to be a dab hand at DIY to whip out your paintbrushes and change up your interior. Whether you have a fussy teenager who wants something chicer or you want to brighten up your front room, grab your paint and shop our painting and decorating essentials! Just make sure you have a smooth surface before you start painting with our stripping knives.

Upgrade your toolbox with our wide selection of brushes, trowels and paint-roller sleeves. From top brands such as Sealey, you’re free to get as creative as you like, safe in the knowledge that these tools are manufactured to last while delivering fantastic results!


January is a great time to start preparing your garden for the first blooms of spring. We know the weather can be unpredictable at the moment, but now is a great time to clip back unruly plants, mulch up dead leaves and other garden waste and spruce up wayward branches on bushes and trees.

If you have wisteria or rose bushes, January is a great time to prune and tidy up these plants. We stock a wide range of secateurs and other pruning tools to help keep your garden neat and tidy.

Whether you need to shovel snow or mud from your back garden or you have to move precious bulbs or dig up new flowerbeds, no matter what you need for your garden, SJTools have all of your gardening tools covered.


If you’re leaving the DIY to the experts, you can still brighten up your homes by giving them a good, thoroughly clean! From the humble broom to help you sweep floors and driveways to mop heads, durable sponges and so much more, we stock everything to help get you started with your spring cleaning.

If it’s your motor that needs some TLC, we stock a wide range of car cleaning essentials, such as pressure washers to give your motor a deep clean, car shampoo and even mini cleaning kits to help keep your seats and underneath them tidy from sticky hands and dropped snacks!

Whether you’re washing windows or cleaning your floors, you’ll need a good bucket. From mop buckets to galvanised steel buckets for workshops or garages, these buckets are great for keeping homes squeaky clean. If you’re using very harsh chemicals, you could also protect your eyes with our range of goggles.


We know spring cleaning can be a daunting task, but with these helpful tools and tricks from SJTools, you can rock your rubber gloves and enlist your partner or your family to help transform your homes with ease!

Post By Jasmin