While summer is definitely on its way, the weather here in the UK can be predictable at best. Whether you work on a building site, as a plumber or electrician or simply enjoy DIY tasks inside and out, you’ll need an array of protective, warm work clothing to help keep you safe and dry. Here at SJTools, we stock a wide variety of Scruffs branded workwear for all of your needs.


Protecting your hands from the elements is crucial when working outdoors. Keep your digits warm and protected with our range of gloves from Scruffs.

For cooler weather, try the Scruffs Thermal Gloves. These gloves fit even the largest hands and are sure to keep your hands warm and dry in the colder temperatures. If you need to keep your fingers exposed for trickier tasks, we stock fingerless designs to help protect your hands while keeping your fingers free for jobs that need a little extra precision!


A small yet overlooked essential piece of workwear is the belt. The last thing you want when working on-site or on a DIY task is for your trousers to feel loose or like they’re starting to fall down. Solve this issue with our range of high-quality belts in various sizes.

From classic leather designs which can take you from the workplace to casual outfits to simple clip belts. A clip belt is a comfortable way to keep your trousers in place while working in trickier situations. This hard-wearing belt features a rubberised, anti-scratch buckle, a hole-free design for optimum adjustment and a cool distressed look with the Scruffs-branded metal buckle.


A good, comfortable pair of boots will get you far when you’re working with rocky terrains or outside on a building site. Scruffs stock a range of shoes to make sure your feet are dry, protected and supported when working with heavy equipment or machinery.

For extra safety and protection, try the Scruffs Switchback 3 Safety Boots in either black or tan. These boots are water-resistant while the added Poron insole provides extra cushioning for added underfoot comfort.

Ideal for farmers or those working with water, shop the Scruffs Hayeswater Wellington Safety Boot. These boots feature underfoot shock absorption to reduce stress on the foot and ankle and this antistatic footwear prevents electrostatic build-up to eliminate the risk of electric shock.


Don’t let the blue skies deceive you! It can still be frosty in the mornings, so cosy up with our range of Scruffs Jackets. These jackets are lightweight, versatile and comfortable and are ideal for a number of trades.

From fully waterproof designs to thermal jackets, we stock everything to keep you warm and dry while commuting or on-site. For extra protection, try the Scruffs Trade Thermo Jacket. This jacket features an elasticated hood, hem and cuffs to help keep the wind out and warmth in. If you’re a man who needs to keep his phone and tools on him, this jacket also has three external zipped pockets to keep your belongings safe!


No matter what you’re working on, Scruffs has a practical and durable range of workwear to help you to make DIY a doddle! These robust pieces offer style and will keep you warm, dry and comfortable when on site.

Post By Jasmin