Whether you work at a building site, run a busy office or you’re dabbling with DIY in a workshop, working with power tools and loud equipment can be dangerous, so make sure you’re up to date with all of your safety precautions with SJTools. We stock a wide variety of tools and protective equipment and clothes to help keep you safe while you’re on the job!


A big part of safety in the workplace comes from proper sanitation. While Covid restrictions have eased, you can reassure your workers that you still take proper precautions and care about germs and bacteria with our range of antibacterial hand sanitisers. These handy bottles come in several different sizes and are convenient for use in bathrooms, and door entrances and can be kept at desks.

As well as hand sanitiser, you can also keep your business stocked with hand wipes and bins for hazardous waste with our range of personal hygiene products. Offering powerful cleaning when you need it most, our cleaners help remove tough dirt and grime from your hands without damaging or drying out the skin. Ideal for a workshop, offices or when you are out on a project.

Face and Eye Protection

Protecting your eyes and face should be the number one priority when working with harmful chemicals, power tools and gases. Damage to the eyes and face can occur during manual and engineering tasks, potentially causing life-changing injuries.

Our range of protective equipment helps to prevent this, with all of our products being manufactured from high-quality materials specially created to provide protection where you need it. From anti-glare glasses to full welding helmets, we have a huge range of protective eyewear to suit you and your team.

High Visibility Clothing

Being seen while working at night, in low light areas or in darker workrooms is very important. High visibility clothing can ensure you and your employees are seen and protected. High visibility, or hi-vis clothing, is reflective and brightly coloured clothing that workers wear to ensure they're easy to spot on the job. Not only are these clothes important, but it also keeps your business running within the law. This comes from European legislation, that states safety workwear must be conspicuous in form and reflective in nature. 

From jackets to vests, SJTools stocks a variety of high-vis clothing to suit all of your needs and fit a range of sizes.

Ear & Head Protection

Working with loud and powerful machines can cause long-term damage to your ears, so make sure you and your employees are protected with our extensive range of ear and head protection. From ear plugs to ear defenders, we have everything you need to ensure you don’t damage your ears while working. 

As well as protecting your ears, you need to protect your head. Severe head injuries can lead to life-changing debilitations and, in extreme cases, can mean that you are no longer able to work. Head protection is particularly important for employees working in environments such as construction and manual labour because of the increased risk of injury as a result of accidents and handling heavy materials or machinery. 

We stock a variety of helmets, safety hoods for welding and forestry kits here at SJTools, and we ensure that each piece of safety equipment is sourced from trusted brands so you are only receiving the very best protective clothing to help protect you and your employees.


No matter where you work, keeping yourself and your employees safe should be your number one priority. Make this task easier with SJTools and rest assured with the knowledge that all of our products are high quality and constructed to the highest standards to help keep your place of work a safe environment.

Post By Jasmin