The long summer evenings might be a thing of the past, however that doesn’t mean you have to feel the chill this fall season! If you own a wood burner or open fireplace, we stock a wide range of products, storage options and coal and fuel to help keep you toasty till the winter months!

Coal & Wood Storage

If you're in need of efficient and reliable storage solutions for your coal and wood, look no further than our selection of coal and wood storage options here at SJTools. Designed to keep your fuel dry, neat and organised, these storage containers are essential for any home with a fireplace or wood-burning stove. You can browse through a range of sizes, shapes and materials such as metal and wicker. 

For example, we love our Manor Small Kindling Bucket. This beautifully designed bucket is the perfect addition to any home! Featuring a shabby chic appearance for a rustic charm, this bucket comes in a variety of colours to suit your aesthetics.

Coal & Wood Burner Fuel

Woodburner fuel, such as matches, coal and logs are an essential for those who rely on woodburners for heating and cooking. Keep your supply of logs, matches and coal fully stocked through those cooler nights with our extensive range of Coal & Wood Burner Fuel. We offer a wide range of fuel options including firelighters, matches and smokeless coal to ensure your wood burners stay warm and cosy!

For a natural way to warm your homes, shop our Warma Real Wood Logs. These logs are perfect for starting fires quickly and cut into open fire and stove friendly sizes for your convenience. 

Fireside Accessories

If your fireplace is the pride of your living rooms or homes, keep it neat, tidy and organised with our range of Fireside Accessories. From slate oil to keep your fireplaces gleaming to coal shovels, gloves and brush sets to log, we have everything you need to keep you safe and comfortable.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing fireplace or researching into maintenance and care, our wide variety of fireside accessories will make sure you can enjoy the warmth of your fireside experience safely and conveniently.

Fireplace Maintenance

Maintaining a well-functioning stove or fireplace is essential for ensuring safety and maximising their efficiency. Browse our wide range of cleaners, polish and stove paint and enjoy a safe, efficient, and cosy heating experience all year round.

For example, revitalise the appearance of your stove and grates with the Hotspot Stove & Grate Polish. This high-quality polish is specifically formulated to restore the shine and lustre to dull and worn surfaces. With its easy-to-use application, you can effortlessly buff away stains and rust, leaving your stove looking brand new!


Keep your homes toasty and warm during the cooler months with our wide range of accessories and maintenance tools for your stoves, wood burners and fireplaces here at SJTools for quality you can rely on!

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