The warm, summer months have arrived and you might be opening your windows and doors a lot more frequently than usual. If you’re worried about creepy crawlies, dealing with rats or mice or want to prevent your garden furniture from getting damaged from woodlouse and other insects, we have a wide range of products, traps and sprays to help keep your homes and gardens-pest free! Here at SJTools, we have everything you need to take control of your pest problems, but if you don’t know where to start, let us help you with our guide.


Is there anything more irritating than a pesky fly buzzing around when you’re just trying to relax? Here at SJTools, we offer a range of tools, sprays and stickers to help you keep flies at bay, such as our Fixman Window Sticker Fly Trap. This trap lasts up to three months and features a double-sided glue-coated transparent PVC film and easily attaches to windows and other surfaces.

If you’re looking for something with more instant results, try our Fly Spray. For example, our Fly Clear Wasp & Fly Killer. This odour-free spray quickly deals with flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes and wasps in ways that are kinder to nature.It's made from a plant based active ingredient exclusively developed by the scientists at Evergreen Garden Care and is OF&G certified.


Help to protect your clothes and precious belongings from moths with our range of Moth repellents, balls and sprays. For something simple and convenient, shop our Rentokil Moth Balls. This product is easy to use - simply place them in wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and suitcases to kill adult moths, larvae and eggs.

If you’re looking for something with instant results, shop our Zero In Carpet Beetle & Moth Killer. Available in various sizes, this product instantly kills carpet beetles and moth larvae on contact and provides long lasting protection for up to 12 months, helping to keep your homes and carpets free from these irritating creatures!


From slug repellent granules to traps, we stock a variety of natural and cruelty-free products to help keep your garden safe from slugs all summer long. Slugs are known to destroy a wide range of plants, fruit and vegetables, so keep your outdoor areas safe and protected with SJTools.

For example, our Fito Slug Stoppa is a natural and convenient way to stop slugs. This product is made from natural clay and prevents slugs from eating your plants without killing them.  Better yet, this product is safe around pets, wildlife and children!

Mice & Rats

Eradicate rats and mice from your homes and garages with our extensive range of rodent control. From repellers and traps to bait stations and cages, you will find everything you need to help you with these fast critters. 

For something quick and efficient, shop our The Big Cheese STV223 Mouse & Rat Killer². This product can be used in busy food establishments such as cafes and restaurants and offers an effective way to help you with any rodent problems.

If you’re looking for a more humane option, shop our Pest-Stop (Pelsis Group) Multicatch Rat Cage. This cage allows you to capture up to 15 rats to be safely caught alive, which provides a humane method of control in areas of high infestation.


No matter what creatures you're dealing with, take control of the problem safely and quickly with our huge range of Pest Control here at SJTools to help you tackle a wide range of insects, pests and rodents.

Post By Jasmin