Winter is fast approaching, so whether you’re an electrician who deals with early morning commutes or a construction worker bracing the cold nights, you’ll need a range of comfortable clothing to help keep you warm and dry while you’re working. Here at SJTools, we stock a huge selection of clothing and accessories to help you get on with your job without worrying about the elements!


For comfort, ease of movement and practicality, hoodies are a fantastic choice for all tradesmen and women. We stock a variety of zip-up and pullover designs from trusted brands such as Scruffs and Tough Grit to help keep you comfortable and dry throughout winter.

If you’re looking for something warm, shop the Tough Grit 2-Tone Hoodie. This hoodie is made from brushed-back fleece to help keep you toasty even on chillier mornings! 

If pullovers aren’t your thing and you want something suitable all year round, shop our Scruffs Trade Air-Layer Hoodie. This lightweight jacket comes in a range of sizes and features an insulating air-layer fabric which traps air and retains heat without adding bulk.

Heated Clothing

If you need something a little warmer than a hoodie but don’t want to wear a large, bulky puffer jacket, shop our innovative range of heated clothing. Available from sizes S-XL, our heated jackets and vests are made from strong, water-proof fabric to help keep you dry and feature special heating elements, which are in the back and each side of the chest. These heating elements are controlled by a colour-changing button and each item of clothing has three different heat modes, so you can alter the temperature depending on the weather!


Beanies and winter hats are important when working in colder temperatures, as you may lose body heat from your head, ears, and neck. Wearing a winter hat over your ears will help to ensure that you stay as warm as possible, as well as protect your hair. We stock a variety of beanies and winter hats, including peaked designs to help keep your ears and sideburns warm and beanies with a rechargeable torch to help you see in low-lit conditions. 

If you’re looking for a set, our Scruffs Winter Essentials Set includes a fleece hat, neck warmer and gloves for the ultimate protection against the rain and snow.

Thermal Clothing

Thermal clothing is an essential part of any wardrobe if you work outside, late at night or early morning. To help you keep warm, shop the Scruffs Pro Base Layer Thermal Bottoms. These bottoms are manufactured from a lightweight and quick-drying polyester and elastane blend and are made with an insulating, moisture-wicking technology that conserves energy to maintain body temperature. As well as being comfortable to wear, these bottoms are easy to move in to help you get on with your day.

If you wear thick, heavy-set boots, you might want to consider investing in thermal socks. Thermal socks will help keep your feet dry and cushioned while working in cooler temperatures. The Scruffs Thermal Socks are made from a high-quality, thick yarn with soft terry cushioning and a reinforced heel and toe for a comfortable, stretchy fit and great feel.


While we know the British weather conditions can be temperamental, especially in autumn and winter, with these clothes and accessories, we’re confident that you’ll be able to stay as warm and dry as possible so you’re able to work confidently and comfortably!

Post By Jasmin