The cold mornings are a thing of the past and as the days get longer, they’re also getting warmer! If you’re struggling to keep cool and comfortable at home, in the office or a workshop or even on the go, here at SJTools we stock a wide variety of home and industrial fans to help you beat the heat, even in the higher temperatures! Shopping for the right fan can be a little daunting, so we’ve provided you with a list of fans to help you suit your needs.

Desk Fans

Do you work in a busy office or work from home? If you’re struggling to beat the heat while working at your desk, it might be time to invest in a desk fan! We stock a wide range of desk fans in a variety of colours and sizes, from trusted brands such as Sealey and Draper. 

For something sleek and modern, why not try our Sealey SFF6USB Oscillating USB Desk Fan? This black fan features a brush-less motor that helps to keep the fan quiet, making it ideal for office environments. If you want something traditional, shop the SupaCool Oscillating Desk Fan. This simple yet practical fan is easy to assemble and includes a moulded plug.

Industrial Fans

If you need something a little bit bigger and more powerful to provide cooling air flow to a larger area, such as a garage, workshop or warehouse, browse our range of Industrial Fans. Industrial fans are powerful machines designed to move large volumes of air in industrial and commercial settings. They are used for a variety of purposes such as ventilation, cooling, and drying.

Here at SJTools, we stock a wide range of sizes, brands and styles. These specially designed fans are built to withstand a variety of harsh environments, and can operate continuously for long periods of time. With their ability to circulate cool air, they can help to maintain a comfortable working environment.

For something solid and traditional looking, shop our Draper 09160 Oscillating Industrial Fan. Fitted with a three-speed motor and two rubber feet for added stability, this fan has a patented switchable internal oscillation feature that provides enhanced air circulation and the 120° tilt cradle mechanism enables the airflow to be directed.

Home & Office Fans

Home and office fans are smaller and more lightweight compared to industrial fans. They are designed to provide personal comfort and airflow in smaller spaces such as homes and offices. We stock a wide range of home and office fans in a variety of colours, sizes, styles and brands to suit your needs. 

Our Draper 70430 Pedestal Fan is a fantastic choice for bedrooms and offices thanks to its sleek, modern design. This fan has a floor stand with a wide stable base and is fully height adjustable.

If you need something to keep the entire room cool, you might want to invest in an oscillating fan. These fans feature a head that rotates, cooling the air and providing a natural breeze throughout the room. Oscillating pedestal fans typically offer remote control and multiple speed settings for a powerful airflow that will keep you cool and content all summer long.


Whether you’re relaxing at home or working hard in an office or busy workshop, here at SJTools, we have a wide variety of fans to keep you cool all year round!

Post By Jasmin