Do you have any green-fingered family and friends who see their garden as their absolute pride and joy? Treat them to something special this Christmas with SJTools! We know that navigating the holiday season can be time consuming and sometimes confusing, so we’ve put together a list to help you choose the perfect gift for any gardening enthusiast!

Leaf Grabbers

It’s that time of year again, the leaves are falling from the trees and they’re making a mess in your garden! Take out the back-breaking work and make collecting leaves and other debris easier with a leaf grabber.

Leaf grabbers are the perfect tool to help clear gardens quickly and easily. Just make sure you store them correctly because if they are left outside overnight for too long, or out in the frost, these handy tools can become brittle and lose their effectiveness.


Secateurs are an essential tool for any garden, no matter how big or small. Any gardener worth their salt always has a trusty pair of secateurs! A good set of secateurs can help you with a number of chores and are the perfect gift for any budding gardener.

From trimming and shaping plants, cutting through thorny vines, removing dead, overgrowing or damaged foliage, secateurs are versatile and tough and you can even use them to harvest vegetables!


Hand trowels are essential for any gardener as they’re useful for planting and transporting, removing weeds or potting your flowers and vegetables with ease. At SJTools, there is a wide variety of trowels to choose from! For example, if your kids or grandchildren are starting their gardening adventure and you’re looking to purchase their first tool, there is the Young Gardener Hand Trowel will do the trick!

If you’re looking for the perfect gardening gift this Christmas, this handy three-piece set makes the perfect gift for anyone in your family with green fingers!


Gloves are essential for all weather types when gardening. Come rain or shine, you need to protect those digits from scratches, scrapes and stings! Our range of gloves makes for perfect stocking fillers this festive season.

Whether you need heavy or medium-duty or something lighter to help you handle smaller pots and plants, our wide range of gardening gloves means we have something for hands of all sizes, including junior gardeners to keep little hands safe from nasty nettles or prickly thorns!


A garden mulcher or otherwise known as a shredder can turn a mess into useful garden mulch in a matter of minutes. Household compost, cut grass, leaves, branches and vines can be mulched which can then be used for fertilizing lawns and gardens and preventing the growth of weeds by providing a protective landscape cover.

While these tools are a little more of an extravagant gift, they’ll definitely impress your family and friends.


No matter what your budget is, give the gift of a beautiful garden this Christmas with SJTools. (Or you could just treat yourself… We won’t tell if you won’t!)

Post By Jasmin