Now that the sun is shining again, it’s the perfect time to get outside and prepare your garden for long days and balmy evenings. Gardening can be a fun, relaxing way to enjoy some downtime, get the kids or grandchildren involved and help out while being in the fresh air and learning a new skill.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a complete beginner, here at SJTools, we stock everything you need to ensure that your garden is ready for summer.


The most essential item for any gardener is a good pair of high quality gloves. Whether you want to prevent chapped hands from hauling heavy wheelbarrows or need something to protect delicate skin when pruning rose bushes, don’t overlook how important these gloves are.

Gardening gloves help protect your hands from dirt, stings and cuts and if you’re dealing with thorny branches or plants, a pair of gloves will guard your hands and wrists against splinters, scratches and scrapes.

Whether you need heavy or medium-duty or something lighter to help you handle smaller pots and plants, our wide range of gardening gloves means we have something for hands of all sizes, including junior gardeners to keep little hands safe from nasty nettles or prickly thorns!


Garden spades are a handy, all-purpose tool that most modern gardeners can't live without. These spades are excellent for light cultivation and shape of the blade helps to reshape beds and is useful for digging out deeper planting holes.

Some gardeners may think that having a shovel exclusively for digging is enough. Little did they know that a garden spade can also be extremely helpful in the garden bed! Garden spades come in a variety of sizes and can feature a number of different handle materials. From carbon steel to stainless steel, at SJTools, there are many types of spades to choose from to suit all gardens and outdoor spaces, including spades with a comfortable, soft-grip handle and even extra long lengths.


If you’re looking to tidy up your garden and keep your bushes, plants, roses and other trees neat and looking professional, then invest in a high-quality pair of gardening shears. Pruning shears (which can also be referred to as hedge pruning shears, hand shears, garden shears, secateurs, and loppers) are a useful gardening tool primarily used for pruning or cutting back bushes and shrubs or for trimming harder to reach branches from trees. Shears are also useful for cutting flowers and fruits from plants and bushes.

Garden Shears can come in a range of sizes, shapes and materials. From steel and aluminium handles to topiary and soft grip, there is a durable pair of shears for every green-fingered person. When you’re finished cleaning off excess dirt, dust, or debris from your shears, don’t forget to keep them sharp with the Draper Multi-Sharpener, as proper maintenance of your shears is important to keep them in great condition.

Watering Cans

No garden is complete without the trusty, staple watering can. Weather can be unpredictable at times, and to ensure your garden, plants and flowers stays well fed, healthy and nourished even in the warm sunshine or during cloudy afternoons, invest in a high quality watering can.

From the classic, iconic green model to the more sturdy galvanised watering can which can hold up to 9 litres, watering cans are an efficient and trusted method to help keep your plants and flowers healthy.

If watering cans aren’t your thing and you prefer something smaller, like a spray bottle, or even something larger and more powerful, like a spray gun attachment for your hose pipes, then shop the watering range at SJTools to keep your outside spaces stay hydrated.


There are many other tools to help you achieve a stunning garden. Whether you need to clean out your pond or rake leaves, our gardening range stocks a variety of tools to suit your needs. No matter how big or small your outside spaces are, keep your garden, plants, trees and potted herbs looking beautiful and healthy this summer with SJTools.



Post By Jasmin