Summer is officially here! If you’re new to gardening and feel a little overwhelmed with your tasks, here’s a helpful guide to help you stay on track when it comes to what to do within these glorious summer months. So dust down that apron and pull on some gardening gloves, because here at SJTools, we can help you keep your outside areas flourishing.

Watering Your Garden

We know it seems a little obvious, but when the weather gets warmer and the evenings get longer, your garden and plants might just need an extra little TLC. Watering is key to growing your fruits, vegetables and plants well, and no matter how big or small this task might be for you, we carry a huge range of tools to help you along the way. From a humble watering can to a powerful spray gun, we stock a variety of watering essentials here at SJTools.

Pruning Late-Spring Or Early-Summer Shrubs

Be the envy of all of your neighbours and friends by keeping your shrubs and flowers pruned and tidy. By thinning out older stems, for example, weigela and philadelphus, you’re allowing for healthy new growth while keeping your prized plants neat!

We sell a variety of pruning bows and shears in a variety of sizes and materials, making this simple task quicker and easier! For example, if you’re looking to tidy up your trees and tall plants, a tool with a long, telescopic handle would be useful. For smaller tasks, such as rose bushes, invest in a small yet sturdy model. 

Continue Planting Summer Bedding In Pots & Borders

While experienced gardeners might have already spent the spring planting and potting, if you’re late to the game - don’t fret! You still have time to get your garden ready and prepared for the summer. Planting out bedding can add instant colour, texture, scent and a decorative display to your garden with very little fuss.

Forks and spades are a necessity when it comes to planting. Simply invest in a reliable tool from SJTools to help you prepare the site! You can use these tools to help turn over the soil. This will create a nice base for your plants and will aerate the soil while helping to break up any hard, compacted lumps, providing a better structure for roots to grow into and allowing for better drainage. 

When you’re finished creating a base, use a trowel to dig a hole a little bigger than the pot or container the plant will be removed from. Your flowers and plants will need to be planted at the same depth as it's in the pot or tray, making sure the top of the root ball is level with the soil surface. Check the hole is the right depth and add or remove soil from the bottom of the planting hole as necessary.


We know no one enjoys weeding their gardens. However, this simple task can make a huge difference to your plants and flowers, and give a general tidy appearance. Weeds not only steal precious nutrients and moisture from the soil but also encourage insects and propagate disease around the garden. Getting a head start on these pesky sprouts at the start of the warmer months will make your life easier as the heat of the season sets in. 

Who says weeding a garden has to be hard work? We stock a variety of weeding tools, from paving brushes to heavy-duty weed pullers to help you with this troublesome task. All of our tools are manufactured to a high quality and are designed to last you for many summers to come!


Gardening can be a daunting task. With SJTools, you can be assured that our tools will help you tackle all of your summer gardening chores. After you’re finished, you can sit back, relax with a glass of iced lemonade and enjoy the benefits of all of your hard work - your garden will thank you for it!

Post By Jasmin