Feeling hot and bothered in the warm weather? This year has seen some of the UK’s hottest temperatures, but there’s no reason to sweat! SJTools has a wide range of fans to suit all environments. Whether you work from home, manage an office or need to keep your employees cool on-site, we have an air cooler for you to help you stay chilled and motivated!

Wall Fans

If you work in an office or you run a team, there is nothing that kills motivation more than being hot and flustered! Office windows and air conditioning units aren’t always reliable, so keep you or your employees cool as a cucumber with our huge range of wall fans.

Wall fans are also a great space-saving option, as they can be mounted onto any wall easily while the remote control feature saves you time having to get up and change the settings throughout the day. Shop the range of wall fans here for a variety of styles, sizes and colours.

For something modern, try the Sealey SWF18WR Wall Fan. This fan features a tilted 3-speed settings, an oscillating head, a handy timer function and includes a wall bracket to help you put it up quickly and easily.

Home Fans

If there’s one place where you want to be able to work comfortably, it’s your home office. With SJTools, you can keep your home office cool in the summer for less with our range of desk fans. These fans might not be as powerful as industrial models, however, they’re great for easy storage and come in muted black or white colours to match any office interior.

From larger fans to smaller models, there is a fan to suit all desks. From quaint clip-on fans that are portable, easy to set up and can be adjusted to suit your needs to the sturdier floor fan. Floor fans come in a variety of sizes and are portable, simple to move about and can be stored with ease at the end of the day.

If you prefer something sturdier, you could try a standing fan. These fans not only look great, but they provide cooling throughout the room and can be adjusted to suit you whether you’re sitting, standing or lying down. The Draper 09408 Industrial Floor Standing Fan is a great choice for all homes as it circulates the air by means of the high airflow design, providing effective cooling for the required area.

Workshop Fans

When you’re working hard, the last thing you want to do is fan yourself. If you work on a building site, in a workshop or just want something to help you fight the sweat when you’re working on DIY or in a garage, a high velocity floor fan or even an air treatment tool might be what you’re looking for.

For something stronger, our range of air coolers are what you need. With some offering air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, these coolers are perfect for industrial, commercial and agricultural use. These coolers feature a hygienic germ-free cooling system through the rotating water curtain while the Hi-tech PTC heating element assures safer and faster heating with two power options.


As unpredictable as the British weather can be, having a fan can be extremely useful for professional and personal use all year round. Always remember to drink plenty of water, keep long hair tied back and wear light, cotton clothing if you can. While there are many alternatives to keeping cool this summer, there is nothing quite like a high-quality fan to help you with the heat waves!

Post By Jasmin