Now that the long, grey days of winter are finally over, it’s time to dust off your gardening tools and spruce up your wellies. With May just around the corner, the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, making it the perfect time to tend to your garden.

If you want a blooming garden, it’s essential to start planning now. You’ll need a hoe or trowel to clear stubborn weeds, which can be dug out or treated with weed killer. If you want your garden to be full of life, it’s easy to attract wildlife such as butterflies, bees and birds by choosing the appropriate plants in your planning. If you have children, be mindful of plants that are poisonous to people or pets.


Whether you’re a gardening fanatic or a complete novice, here at SJ Tools, we have everything you’ll ever need to keep your plants, vegetables and flowers flourishing.

For starters, you’ll need a trowel. Trowels are essential for planting, transplanting and potting, and our Young Gardener Hand Trowel has a comfortable Ash handle to ensure you can use the tool with ease and is perfect for beginners.

Next up, you’ll need some clippers. Otherwise known as secateurs, pruners or garden shears. Clippers are perfect for trimming and shaping various foliage, from plants and shrubs to remove dead growth. Before you start shearing or cutting aimlessly, try and have a plan for your garden.

We stock a number of different blades for all your needs and there are several different types of clippers, such as our Draper Border Sheers With Steel Handles for the perfect manicured look, or the Draper Garden Shears with Wave Edges and Ash Handle which is perfect for cutting open-structured plants such as pines and vines. These high-quality clippers will last a long time while the blade remains sharper for longer to ensure more comfortable usage.

Finally, no garden is complete without a staple watering can. From the high quality Draper Galvanised Watering Can which can hold up to 9 litres of water to ensure your plants are hydrated, to the iconic green design, these handy gardening essentials come in a range of styles and “different types of watering cans can fulfil specific roles in the home and the landscape.”

While these are just a small collection of staple items, there are a lot more tools you’ll need for the perfect garden. From garden spades and rakes to hose pipes and wheelbarrows, SJ Tools are committed to providing high quality equipment for all gardeners.


As Spring is now officially here, this is the perfect time to prepare for hazy summer days. If you’re just starting out, Pumpkin Seeds are great for indoor sowing. If you’re looking to create your own fruit salad, honeydew is best planted in late spring when the soil is warm, along with raspberries. Be careful though! Raspberries are prone to root rot, so they have a better chance at growing when they’re planted in a raised bed with rich soil that drains well. Also, choose a spot in your garden where the sun can shine and make sure you break up the soil with one of our fully hardened garden forks before digging in some compost or other organic matters.

If you’re looking to top up your five-a-day, why not try tomatoes, peppers or eggplants which all have similar growing requirements for this season. This includes full sun, rich soil and consistent deep watering. To keep your veggies healthy, use the Draper 8 Pattern Spray Gun attached to your hose pipe.

If you’re more into flowers, you could try easy-to-grow perennials, which will provide stunning blooms throughout summer or fragrant Sweet Peas from late May, once all risk of frost has passed. These flowers are relatively low-maintenance and can be lightly pruned with the Draper Soft Grip Garden Shears as needed.


Safety is key when gardening and come rain or shine, it’s best to wear suitable footwear such as Wellington Boots. Gloves are essential when digging, handling fertilisers, soil and compost. The Draper Medium Duty Gardening Gloves can be worn for most planting and for any delicate work that requires a lighter touch however, it’s best to wear rigger gloves when handling plants with thorns.


Whenever you see any signs or symptoms of disease on a plant, you should sterilize any pruning tools you have used. Regularly cleaning your tools is vital to your routine.

  • Stiff scrubbing brushes can be used to clean any muck or soil from blades or shafts.
  • Extremely muddy tools may need a wash down with a hose before drying with an old washcloth or towel.
  • Many modern tools are made from stainless steel which is a lot less likely to rust, however, your tools might need to be oiled occasionally.
  • Boots and gloves should also be cleaned and disinfected, ensuring that you remove any contaminated soil.

From beginners looking to grow their first batch of vegetables to seasoned experts with a garden fit for royalty, SJ Tools has a wide variety of tools, equipment and protective clothing that will help you keep your gardens, vegetable patches and fruit greenhouses flourishing this summer.


Post By Jasmin