What are Air power tools?
Air Power tools, also known as Pneumatic tools, are tools that are driven by compressed air supplied by an air compressor. Compressed air is kept under great pressure and allows for the transfer of energy to power tools such as air hammers, drills, wrenches and much more.

They have been around since the 19th century and are still a popular choice in many vehicle garages, workshops and industrial workplaces. Air power tools are both quickly becoming the most affordable and essential solution for home DIY-ers also. A compressor of a small to medium size can power a variety of air power tools that can help speed up jobs you might need to do around the home.

How do they work?
These machines are driven by the pressure of compressed air. Generally air power tools have a pump mechanism that is gas powered, this then forces a continuous stream of air into a tank until it is pressurised.

The tool is then connected to the air valve on this tank via a hose. The hose then allows a valve to open and air then can fill the hose. On the other end of the hose is another valve which will remain closed until it is attached to the air gun. Once this is attached, the airway is fully open permitting the pressurised air to reach the gun.

Every power tool then has its own release valve or firing pin. When the trigger is pulled the firing pin opens the valve inside the gun enabling the pressurised air to flow through the tool.
The air will then turn a crank or engine to operate the gears or course through a barrel, depending on the type of tool.

Why use them?
Generally, air power tools are lightweight, easy to use and extremely portable. They can make certain processes complete quickly especially when it comes to drilling, sanding, painting or spray painting. They are also perfect for use where there is no electricity supply. They are really versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes. Most tools that you can buy that are battery or mains powered, you should be able to find an air powered alternative.

Here are some examples of air power tools available from us here at SJ Tools:

Sealey GSA241 Air Drill ∅10mm Reversible with Keyless Chuck

Sealey SA152 Air Angle Grinder ∅100mm Composite Housing

Sealey SA12/S Air Hammer Kit with Chisels Medium Stroke

Sealey SA58 Air Screwdriver Pistol Grip

Sealey SA792 Air Nail/Staple Gun 10-50mm/10-40mm Capacity

What’s the difference between Air and Regular Powered Tools?
Air tools are much lighter than cordless, battery and mains electric powered tools and therefore the power to weight ratio is much higher. The basic air motors or pistons that are inside are much lighter than an electric motor. For those who use their tools all day long, this is a really important factor. Lighter tools mean less fatigue.

Compared to air powered tools, electric tools have many working parts which could potentially go wrong. Electric tools have universal motors which produce sparks as the brushes come into contact with the commutator whereas an air tool is sparkless making them a much safer option. This is particularly advantageous in high risk or hazardous working environments especially where there could be exposure to chemicals, flammable liquids and or gases.

Electric tools are often quite bulky whereas air tools often have a slimmer, sleeker design and can be used in smaller, more cramped working environments, for example working on vehicles.

What are the advantages of Air Power Tools?

There are so many reasons why Air Power tools are a popular choice and here is just some of the advantages they have over regular power tools: 

  • Lightweight and easier to manoeuvre
  • Safer and more versatile
  • Provide more power and force
  • Simpler mechanical design
  • More reliable and have a much lower malfunctioning rate
  • Less moving parts meaning meaning a low maintenance, longer life
  • Reliable, clean source of dry power
  • Cheaper than regular power tools
  • Economical to run

We hope this article has been informative and helpful to you.  Please take some time to browse our full range of quality Air Power Tools from brands you can trust. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.If there is something that you need but can’t find, please do not hesitate to Call Us on: 01579 321703 or Email Us on: sales@sjtools.co.uk





Post By Kelly Trethewey