Whew, these past few weeks have been a scorcher! With record-breaking temperatures, it’s more important than ever to take the proper steps to care for your gardens, outdoor areas and flowers. Here at SJTools, we stock a wide range of watering tools and equipment to keep your plants healthy and happy, even in the hotter temperatures.

What Time Is Best To Water Your Plants?

It might be a little difficult to decipher when the best time to water your gardens is, especially if you don’t enjoy the heat and don’t want to be out in it too long! According to the experts at The Greenhouse People, “when it’s hot, the best time of day to water plants is early morning or in the evening. Plants in containers should be watered twice daily, as the soil dries out much quicker in pots. Bonus points if you use re-use rainwater from a water butt.”

Once the sun has gone down and the weather has cooled slightly, you should use this time to water your gardens. Ensure that you water container plants generously, which will allow plenty of time for the water to penetrate into the soil before temperatures rise again the next day. For those with larger gardens, a backpack sprayer might be more convenient. These sprayers can help with aching arms and can reach trickier areas. 

What About Potted Plants?

Whether your potted plants grace your windowsill or sit nicely outside, it’s important to keep these plants hydrated in hotter weather as well. In the height of summer, these potted plants need special attention and may require watering every day or even up to three times a day!

The good news is that taking care of potted plants is quite simple, and the first step you can take is to move them to a shaded area where they will be protected from the heat of the midday sun. If you’re looking for a high-quality, traditional-looking watering can to help keep your potted plants thriving, shop our range here. We stock a variety of watering cans, from galvanised steel to sturdy green designs.

Don’t Oversaturate!

We know it might be tempting to want to drown your plants, but there is such a thing as oversaturating, even in a heatwave. Did you know that overwatering can actually do more harm than good during extreme weather? Plants that have access to good soil are able to adjust to hot weather, provided the soil at the root level doesn't dry out completely. 

If you’re unsure, follow this helpful tip. “Every morning during the heatwave, perform this test: stick your index finger into the soil around the root; if the soil is still wet below the surface, there's no need to water. If it's just damp, it's time to water again.” 

To help with the watering of your garden, every household needs a trusty garden hose. From hose trolleys to basket chains, we stock a wide range of hosepipes and accessories from trusted brands like Sealey and Draper to help keep you and your plants cool and refreshed


Whether you’re enjoying the summer or not, ensure that your garden is healthy with SJTools. If your plants need a little TLC - don’t fret! Most plants will recover from extreme heat, as long as you have kept an eye open for the signs of them becoming damaged. The best option is to “protect them by watering at the right time of day, mulching to encourage water retention, and providing them with shade.” 

As always, the weather in the UK is unpredictable at best, and we’re sure the rain will come in no time, but until then, as long as you follow these handy tips and tricks, your garden will thank you during this sunshine.


Post By Jasmin