The winter months can often cause damage to your home, drawing your attention to leaks and draughts.  Gutters may become clogged with leaves and other debris.  The warm, dry summer months are the perfect time to carry out some essential checks and tasks to make sure your home is ready to face the next season.  A yearly home MOT will keep it well maintained, happy and healthy.  Follow our checklist below and we are sure your house will be kept in tip top condition.

1 - Clear Gutters

Gutters are the best place to start.  They often fill up with leaves and other debris over the winter.  Clogged gutters quickly become overflowed and unable to drain efficiently which can lead to other problems including roof and fascia board damage and damp patches.  In order to clear and clean your gutters, you will need a good sturdy ladder that is tall enough to reach.  Start by scooping out the leaves with a trowel and some gardening gloves, then you can use a brush and a hose to get rid of any stubborn debris and rinse each section of guttering with water aiming it towards the drainage pipe.

Sealey ATL11 Aluminium Telescopic Ladder 11-Tread EN 131

Draper Trowel with Stainless Steel Scoop and Soft Grip Handle

Draper Mini Hose Reel Set (10M)

2 - Repair Window & Door Seals

If you can feel a breeze even when your windows and doors are shut then maybe the seal around them is broken or has a gap.  This can easily be rectified with some decorators caulk or sealant and will help to improve the insulation in your home and well keep pesky bugs out. 

Sealey AK4803 Caulking Gun 280mm Heavy-Duty

3 - Repair & Clean Walls

Hose down external walls and windows to remove dirt.  This is key and will need to be completed before you can repair any cracks or holes.  Cracks or holes can be simply repaired with a filler, be sure to remove any loose render first, and once dry a new coat of masonry paint will give it the finished look. 

4 - Clean Patios, Decks & Outdoor Furniture

Algae, moss and other debris can gather on our garden surfaces and furniture.  First sweep and brush them all to get rid of anything loose.  For more stubborn dirt it could be worth investing in a pressure washer that will come in handy for a multitude of other jobs.  You could also try a patio or decking cleaning solution to bring it back to its original condition.  Once fully dry, you can then apply a coat of wood stain, paint or varnish to decking and wooden furniture.  

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5 - Check External Pipes & Hoses

Pipes can often sustain damage from icy and wet conditions.  It’s really important to check pipes and garden hoses for leaks or cracks and then replace any parts that may be damaged.  If you have a garden sprinkler system, you’ll also need to check that it isn’t blocked.  To do this simply make sure it is upright and turn it on, you should be able to identify any problems straight away.  This quick and easy check could save your garden when the sun comes out.

Draper 12mm Bore Perforated Soaker Hose (15M)

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Once you get into a routine of carrying out these essential checks around your home, they will become second nature and will certainly prepare your home for the next autumn and winter.  Here at SJ Tools we have a vast selection of quality tools and equipment that will help you to efficiently carry out these tasks year after year.


Post By Kelly Trethewey